Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Corazon de Campeon

The past year or two I've gotten more into soccer.  I had no idea the fun I was missing out on...
It hadn't interested me much in the past but my hubby likes to watch soccer, especially when Mexico is playing.  One day I sat down with him and watched it.  Little did I know... this was the beginning of a mild obsession.

It's been fun learning the rules to the game, the stories about different players, snacking on party appetizers (my little contribution to the games) , and enjoying cervezas and margaritas while the game is on.  My favorite part though, is yelling.....GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I usually always pull for Mexico when they are playing.  Gotta represent my media naranja!   The only time I stray is when team Mexico is playing team U.S.A.... then we've got some betting going on.

Anyways, the other day I learned about something cool...
This year AT&T collaborated with singer-songwriters duo Jesse and Joy to generate extra enthusiasm around the sport of soccer and the Mexican National Team.

Corazon de Campeon is a song that will be played during exhibition matches and friendlies across the country to help fans celebrate the Mexican National Team's victories.  You know how serious soccer fans are... especially Mexican soccer fans.  Corazon de Campeon definitely fires up that passion deep within fans of the National Mexican Team!  Visit the website at:  www.corazondecampeon.net.

Listen to Corazon de Campeon

One of my favorite lines in the song is:
"El color de mi bandera
yo lo llevo aqui en mis venas
llena de pasion"
Now that sounds like a true fan of  team Mexico!!!

Honestly, I had no idea AT&T was such a huge supporter of soccer!  But how "chido" is that?  Access to games, exclusive content, and more via AT&T's leading edge technology and platforms is an awesome way they are helping fans of soccer better connect.  I think it's pretty cool how they have helped create something that fans of the Mexican National Team can rally around to show their undeniable love for their team and undefeated spirit.    AT&T is constantly strengthening their relationship with the Mexican Soccer Federation in order to deliver the information and content most important to fans.  You can like their facebook page by clicking on  https://www.facebook.com/attlatino.

Corazon de Campeon is such a wonderful  tribute and motivational song for the fans and members of the Mexican National Team during their quest to qualify to compete in the largest global soccer stage in 2014.

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it and now a song that expresses how so many fans feel!  Let's get the word out!  #CorazonCampeon
Watch Jesse and Joy perform Corazon de Campeon live:

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