Friday, May 3, 2013

Georgia Aquarium

Last weekend we took our son to the Georgia Aquarium.  I absolutely love this place! It is beautiful.  This was our 2nd visit and I see many more in our future.  I thought I'd share some of the highlights of our visit.

I was hiding my huge purse behind my back....not the best pose!

Starfish, Penguins, Piranha

Fish, orange and white worm thingys that were super cute, Dragon Fish, Stingray petting pool

Most people probably go to see the Whale Sharks... but I couldn't wait to see the Jellyfish!   I think they are beautiful.  Here is a little video we took of the amazing Jellyfish.

The Whale Sharks are pretty awesome though.  My pictures really do not do them justice.  You must see them in person!

Sadly no videos or pictures were aloud to be taken during the Dolphin Tales or Deepo 3-D shows.   

If you are ever in the Atlanta area, I hope you get the chance to visit the aquarium.  It is a beautiful place full of beautiful sea animals.  You learn so much there and my little post doesn't cover half of what they have there.  I enjoyed it so much being an adult that I  can only imagine the magic a child experiences at the aquarium.  We were there for most of the day and hubby had to practically drag my son and I out...

Hopefully we will be going again soon.


  1. I have never been! Can you believe that!? My daughter went on a field trip the year before we moved to Mexico. We had planned on going the year we moved here, but other things got in the way. I want to go when we return (very soon hopefully)

    1. Stephanie,
      You have to go! It's just as much fun for the parents as the kids. =)

  2. LOVE the GA Aquarium! It's been about 2 years since I went last. I need to take my son there this year. Have you gone to the Coke-Cola Factory?

  3. Replies
    1. Yay!!!!! Did you have fun? I love it there!

  4. Those dragonfish are amazing! I want one. Or two. In a giant aquarium in my house. LOL.

    I have always loved jellyfish too. Did you everr see the movie with Will Smith 7 pounds ? I loved it, such a sweet (and sad) story.