Sunday, October 6, 2013

Corazon de Campeon Official Music Video

Have you seen the official Corazon de Campeon music video by award winning Mexican sibling duo Jesse and Joy?  I saw it the other day and was very impressed.  You can feel the passion they share with the rest of the world when it comes to the most popular sport worldwide..... SOCCER!

In April, Latin Grammy winners Jesse and Joy released Corazon de Campeon (a soccer anthem) dedicated to Mexican National team fans in the U.S..  It has gotten everyone excited about soccer and proves that there is no language or cultural barriers when it comes to this beloved sport.

I really love this video!  I just wanted to mention that most of the scenes, including the one of the players entering the field, were shot earlier this year in Barcelona, Spain.  The opening images of the Aztecs, Revolutionaries, and the barber scene were shot in Mexico City.

Take a look at this awesome music video.  What are you waiting for?


Jesse and Joy named the song Corazon de Campeon because they consider all soccer fans champions at heart! Along with their friends at AT&T they hope to celebrate team's and fan's everyday victories.  Just like star players, the fans are fighters and don't ever give up!   Do you have un #CorazonCampeon ?

To learn more about about what AT&T is doing for the Mexican National Team, check out and their facebook page

I would love to know what you thought of the Corazon de Campeon music video.


  1. Really cool video Tara. I love all the flags and this is definitely made for soccer lovers. ;) I was wondering, the woman's voice sounds very anglo. Is she a bilingual/english speaker as well? Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Wasn't it a cool video Chantilly? I fell in love with it. I think she is bilingual but I'm not 100% sure. =)