Friday, December 6, 2013

Quick Update


Where has the time gone?  Seems like this year has flown by and I have seriously neglected my blog.

So, I have tons of photos and stories I want to share.  I honestly do not have time at the moment.... so here is a quick update and I promise to share some pics and stories soon.

Hubby has been traveling to Mexico quite a bit lately.  On his last trip he took a lot of amazing pictures of his little pueblo.  What a beautiful place!  I want to share them all with you but until then, feel free to check out his town's website.  The pics you see there were taken by his truly.  Visit la galeria to skip straight to the pics or videos to watch some footage of  him walking through some really clear water until he finds the spot it is actually coming out of the ground (Exciting! I know!)


So on his way back from Mexico, he brought tons of artesenia Mexicana (Mexican art).  Our living room was full of it for about a month before I lost it and demanded we come up with a plan to get it cleared out.  See if any Mexican restaurants were interested in buying it?  Putting it up on Ebay?  Set up shop at the flea market?  We did all three.

Which brings me to our flea market adventure.  This will definitely require it's own separate post.  Let me just say this.  I have never seen so many women wearing high heels while pushing a baby stroller.  That is just for starters.  Trust me, it is a post worth reading and I promise to let it all out soon...

We went to Puerto Rico and it was amazing.  We went for two reasons.  One, I'm going to keep private for now and two, to enjoy the beautiful island.  It was absolutely gorgeous and I felt like I was in paradise.  For the 1st part of the week we stayed up in the mountainous area and the 2nd part of the week we were at the beach.  It was amazing.  I have lots of pics and thoughts to share.  Post will come soon.  Promise!

I haven't been exercising.  I've strayed from my diet some.  The weight is coming off extremely slow.  Total loss is 25 lbs.  We made it past Thanksgiving.  After Christmas, I'm going to step it up a gear and get the rest of this weight off!  I'm not quitting.

Is this how a blog comes to an end?  You start posting less and less?  Hopefully I'll receive some words of encouragement to keep going.  I love the blog-o-sphere and don't think I'm ready to give it up...not yet.

Hope everyone is doing great!


  1. You had better not quit your blogging. I blog so little here lately too. life is so hectic. I have missed reading your blog! Take a break and get back into it! Hugs amiga!!

    1. Hey Stephanie! Thanks for commenting amiga. I hope things are going good for you. I know your back in my area, right? Would love to meet up for lunch one day but I see from your posts that you are a busy busy woman! One day. =)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Katie!!! Your comment made my night. I needed to hear that. =)

  3. Amiga, I wanted to wish you a Feliz Año Nuevo. Please don't go away. I know what you're talking about, though. It's good to take a break every now and then to recharge the batteries. Abrazos!

    1. Hola amiga! Yep, i think my batteries needed recharging. Hope you are doing well. I've missed you!