Sunday, April 27, 2014

Puerto Rico continued...

They say 1st  impressions are everything so that was totally what I was going for.... a great 1st (visual) impression.  Although the ex-wife and I have a great relationship over the phone I had  never met her in person and had never even seen a picture of her.   Sometimes people can be very different in person and I was nervous.   We talk pretty often.  We always make a point to speak to one another when hubby's son calls or vise versa.  She always sends our son a birthday gift and she knows that I truly care for and want the best for their son. It's always been about the kids.  No drama, no fighting, just a group of parents trying to do their best for the kids...   Thank goodness we've never had any issues.

Waiting for takeoff.  Ready to meet his older brother!

I was a bundle of nerves when the plane landed.  I knew she was picking us up at the airport.  All the nervous energy I was carrying was completely gone once she grabbed me and gave me a huge hug.  Hubby and our son hopped in the back seat and I rode in the front seat with her as we headed to pick up their son. (I hate saying "our son" and "their son", so from here on out I will refer to hubby and ex-wife's son as my step son.)

I really can't believe it myself.  The great relationship we had wasn't just over the phone so far.  It was in person too! It was very easy to get along with her.  We laughed a lot on our drive back to her house and chatted the whole time. The ex was as sweet as ever to me and our son.  She bent over backwards making
us feel welcomed.  Heck, she made us feel like family!!!!

Driving up into the mountains

Now for the father son reunion....  What a beautiful moment!  It was so awesome to see my husband and his 1st born embrace each other with such a strong hug that seemed to last forever.  My step son is such a smart and handsome young man.  He greeted me with open arms and made me feel just as welcomed as his mom did.  I know my little guy was full of emotion as well.  Meeting his big brother for the first time was a big deal.  As you can see, the first hour was emotional to say the least.

Banana trees

I'm sorry I do not have a drama filled story to make this post way more interesting but luckily for the 5 of us (me, her, hubby, and the 2 sons) it was an awesome, drama-LESS, FUN filled, AMAZING week!  I'm sure she was just as nervous as I was.  I really can't say how grateful I am to have such a good relationship with my husband's ex-wife!  I know, it's sounds crazy....  but it's true.  We always laugh at the fact that people can't believe how well we get a long.  I'm also very grateful that I have a great relationship with my step-son as well. I'm so glad that he gets excited to tell me things that are going on in his life and is always very respectful and an all around great young man.   I'm happy that he and his brother are building a relationship.  It is a little tough at times due to the age difference but my step-son and son are making it work in their own way.  You can definitely hear the connection when they talk on the phone and that makes my heart smile!

Sign says, "Danger! Possible Caimans in the area."


For the 1st part of the week we stayed close to where they lived in a place his ex wife recommended.  (I feel so crazy saying ex, exwife, bla bla because I consider her my friend and wish I could just type her name.  Due to privacy I'm not going to though, so just bare with me.)  It was really nice and I think we were the only guests staying there.  It was up in the mountains and was beautiful.  My step son came and stayed with us at night and during the day all of us were out and about exploring the city where they live.

We had the pool to ourselves  :)

We enjoyed the city they live in.  It was beautiful being up in the mountains.  We tried some different restaurants and I got to try "mofongo" for the 1st time.  I've always wanted to try it.  I think it's the name.  Mofongo just sounds cool to me.....  I'm happy to report, it was delicious!  We were also invited over to my step son's abuela's house.  The whole family came over and were super nice to us.   Everyone brought food and I got to try a lot of the traditional Puerto Rican dishes.  We had a great time.

We also took a day trip to Old San Juan.  It is beautiful there!  (I'm beginning to wonder if there are any areas of P.R. that aren't beautiful!)  Anyways, there was TONS to see and do!  We did a lot of the touristy things and had helados de coco which were sooooo good.  I'm not a huge coconut fan, but they really took me by surprise.

Enjoying  Old San Juan

Touring the forts in Old San Juan

I didn't want to leave!
Old San Juan was amazing with its gorgeous streets and architecture.  I could have stayed there longer but we were trying to pack in a lot in a short amount of time.  Not only were we sight seeing but catching up with family and trying to give hubby and his son plenty of one on one time.

We also made it out to Fajardo.  We all stayed together in a little condo ex-wife's (ughhh! wish i could say her name) sister recommended.  It was on the beach and you could see El Yunque rain forest from our balcony!  We didn't have enough time to visit El Yunque but will definitely go there on our next trip.  The nature in Puerto Rico is amazing!!!!

Another flag to add to his collection!

I was a happy camper to say the least!
There was no-one on the beach!  It was like our own private island!  I don't know if it was the area we were in or the time of year we went, but note to self..... go again....same time.....same beach!  My son was in awe of all the coconuts laying around and all the sand to play in!  The water was warm and clear.  It was a little overcast during our stay but,  whose complaining?

We went for a walk along the beach and found this area that was so beautiful. (pic below)  The pics I took really didn't do it justice.  I felt like I was on the television show "Gilligan's Island!"

behind those trees, the water continued and there was a little pond with a stream
this bird was looking for fish, this is the area behind all the trees on pic above.
We also took a night tour through a nature conservation center.  They took us to a light house and to the bio-luminescence bay.  Now that was SUPER COOL! I wish I had the pictures to show you but I think I've posted enough....besides those are on hubby's external hard drive and he has it with him at the moment.
If you've never heard of the bio-luminescence bay you should look it up.  It was amazing.

The tour guide had us walk a mile long bridge through the mangroves.  We finally made it out to open water and he gave us these long sticks.  Fluorescent light appears where ever you swirled your stick  (made movement) in the water.  Tiny organisms that live in the water make this happen.   I do not remember exactly how but it was an experience I'll never forget.

Okay, this post is like super duper long and I'll be surprised if most of you made it this far.

The conclusion is this.

We had an amazing time.  Our family in Puerto Rico are amazing!  The island is amazing! We can't wait to go back and if you have the chance you should go too!  Oh, and don't be scared of ex-wives.  Some can be amazing if given the chance!

The hardest part was saying good bye and coming home!


  1. Wow! Beautiful pics, and wonderful story. Love to hear about people getting along, and being adults in situations that some may think are too hard to be mature ;)

    1. Thanks Amiga! I'm thankful that we are all able to be mature as well. I've missed you. Headed over to your blog shortly. Thanks for commenting.