Sunday, May 18, 2014

Make Your Own Bath Salts

I wanted to share a super easy recipe for home made bath salts.

Hubby has been sick with a cold.  He's been taking some cold medicine. I've been following him around the house with a cotton ball infused with drops of eucalyptus oil and it's proved to be challenging! Why will he not cooperate with me?   So what better time than now to whip up some bath salts and trick him into inhaling the relaxing scent of lavender and  invigorating scent of eucalyptus, which is also amazing for colds!  What an amazing wife I'll be when I draw him a warm bath tonight.  I've got it all figured out.  He will NOT draw himself a bath (because you know....he's a man and all.... and sometimes the silly machisimo ideas he has buried deep down come out to play) but if I do it, then it's okay.

All you need is:
Epsom salt
your favorite essential oil(s).

Pour 3 cups of Epsom salt into a bowl.
Add your drops of oil and mix well.

 I added 15 drops of lavender and 10 drops of eucalyptus.
It may not seem like a lot of oil compared to the amount of salt you are
using but trust me..... a little goes a LONG way with essential oils.


Next I poured my salts into an empty bottle.
Empty wine bottles or mason jars would be pretty but
any container will do.  Make sure to keep your container closed.

You can always add some dried lavender flowers to
the salt to make it even prettier if you want.

Some benefits of Epsom salt baths are the elimination of toxins from the body, relaxation, and it is full of magnesium which is a mineral our bodies need!

To use, just add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of salt to bath tub of warm water. Soak, relax, and enjoy some aromatherapy.

So, I'm hoping after hubby's bath tonight he'll be able to breathe better,
feel relaxed, and sleep sound.

What are some of your favorite essential oil combinations?   I'm thinking of branching out a bit and trying to make a homemade body scrub next.  Now, how am I going to get him to use that.... hmmm...

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