Saturday, October 4, 2014


Yes, I've been MIA again.  Why, you ask?  Projects!  We have been doing a TON of projects lately....and not home projects!
Our son is an advanced content science class this year.  After getting some info from the teacher,  I learned that he is solely being graded on his projects with a test thrown in here and there.

Now, let me just say that I feel like I am being paid back for putting my parents through complete HELL my senior year. Have I ever mentioned I was not the best student?  I had the potential but my priorities were all out of whack!  Boys!  Enough said.  My parents really went above and beyond to make sure I graduated. I remember my dad going to the library and spending about $50 copying pages out of books that were not allowed to be checked out and my mother actually doing my language arts final paper because I was out doing... lord knows what! Apparently, I was not concerned about graduating.
My mom said I'd get paid back one day...
That day has arrived!  Not only is this school year going to be FULL of Science projects but the Mexican insist on helping!

So far we have completed 3 projects and I'm surprised the cops didn't show up at our house due to all the screaming and yelling.  Yep, we had some disagreements.  I went to and graduated from a school here in the states.  My husband did not and has NEVER EVER done any type of school project before.  I appreciate him wanting to help and actually I think he's understanding the concepts now. Our most recent project was his idea and it came out great!

So, I figured I'd share our  my son's projects along with the misadventures during the process.  Luckily Pinterest and the internet have been a life saver!  So many people have shared ideas and it really got our creative juices flowing on some of these projects.

I've got 3 to catch y'all up on and the 1st was a doozie!  What would you do for an "A"?  I can't believe what we did for our first project in hopes of getting the best score possible!!!
To be continued...

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