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La Gata

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Okay, so this is an interesting novela for many reasons.   I hate to say this, but it is so stupid it is epic! Hubby and I watched the 1st episode and laughed quite a bit.  It was so ridiculous!  Guess what though....   we are now hooked and tune in every night.

Even our son is watching it with us.  We are letting him count the time watching this novela towards his reading time. (Yay for creative but probably not the best parenting!)  We set our tv on CC3 (closed captions in English). It's a win win situation.  He is practicing his reading and hubby and I no longer hear repeatedly... "what is happening now?"

So, what is the novela about?

It's about an extremely poor girl named, Esmeralda but whom everyone calls "La Gata" (stray cat). I'm assuming she got this name due to the fact she carries around a black cat all the time.  La Gata was taken in at a young age by a lady named Dona Rita after La Gata lost both of her parents.

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Dona Rita is sneaky, mean, y una abusadora! She made La Gata as well as some other kids she took in beg for money on the streets.  If they didn't come home with enough money to make her happy, she was mean!!!


La Gata and Pablo as kids  

While La Gata was suppose to be out begging for money she met a boy named Pablo.  He taught her how to read.  They had a good connection and built a really strong friendship.  They would meet at a certain spot everyday and read, talk, play around.  Eventually their childhood friendship turned into love.

Pablo is like really rich.  I mean really really rich.  He lives in a mansion, has servants, a chauffeur, goes to the best schools etc. Pablo and La Gata hide their little meetings because it's not cool
for someone like her to be hangin' with someone like him.

Ay! Yay! Yay!
Pablo's parents are LOCOS!  Once the mom finds out about his son hanging out with La Gata, she goes ballistic!  La mama de Pablo calls La Gata every name in the book and forbids him to see her.
See the cutie in the background?  That's Pablo's brother,  Mauriano.  More about him later.

Okay, so Pablo decides to go to New York to study art.  He and La Gata have plans to re-unite when he returns.  Before he goes, they secretly wed.  He goes to New York, she goes back to the slum where she lives.

!! SURPRISE!!  La Gata ends up finding out she is pregnant....with TWINS!
She goes to Pablo's house to let his parents know they are going to be grandparents.  She figured they would finally accept her.
WRONG!  It totally backfires.  The parents have the marriage annulled.....secretly.

So, she is waiting for Pablo to return from New York believing they will be one big happy family because she has the marriage certificate, they are married, and she's getting ready to have his children....bla..bla...bla....

All the while, Pablo's family is planning some major deception tactics for when he returns.  They basically tell Pablo that La Gata got married with another man and had kids with him!

DA DUM DA!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll leave it there for now....  There's lots to cover.  I'm still missing a bunch of characters and story lines and I promise I'll get to them.

Are you watching La Gata?  I've almost got you caught up.  Don't worry if you are not fluent in Spanish.  Change the caption setting on your tv to CC3.  I had no idea novelas were even available in English until I saw that it was available in English pop up on the screen.  How cool is that!  La Gata comes on Univision, Mon-Fri 7 p.m. Eastern time.

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