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La Gata Part Two

Whooo!  I better get moving on La Gata posts or else I'll be too far behind.  Forgive me for not giving very in depth details, this is going to be to the point or I'll never finish!

Pablo's brother.
Sneaky and secretly in love with La Gata.

Not sure why but I love Mauriano!
Not really sure what it is about him.
The way he talks?  His looks? The fact I tend to like bad boys?   Hmmm, still figuring this one out and thought I'd let you all know I have a crush on him.  Anyways, moving on.....

El Silencio

La Gata's father.  He was in jail for a long time.  He recently was released and has vowed to get revenge against the people who robbed him of everything.....which happens to be Pablo's family.  La Gata has no idea that El Silencio is her father.  He befriended this guy who is from the slum where La Gata lives and has since taken La Gata into his home and has been helping her with the twins and hired people to teach her the proper way to act at dinner parties etc.  He is rich and HATES los Martinez de Negretes (Pablo's family).  He does love La Gata though and is fighting for her to be respected and recognized as a member of a higher class!

OH! and now that La Gata has money (or at least is living in a masion and her mystery father is rich) she has now transformed from

             to this
Which brings us to:

Let me start by saying, I know mental illness is no laughing matter. However, I couldn't help but to giggle just a tad when it comes to Fela.  Fela is.... you guessed it!  La Gata's mother.  La Gata does not know this yet.  She discovered Fela one day in the slum where she lives.  Fela, always carries a baby doll around and insist it is her hija (her daughter).  She's a tad looney.  La Gata has a big heart though and always makes sure she is okay.  Just recently, El Silencio (La Gata's dad) found out Fela is his wife who he thought had died.  He's cleaned her all up and shes living in the mansion too.  He took her to the doctor about her mental conditon and they are hoping her memory will start to come back.  It has started to come back already.  El Silencio y Fela know that La Gata is there daughter although.....they still haven't told her!  UGH! What's the hold up?

Ok, let me speed this up!
Augustin, Pablo's father knows that El Silencio is out for revenge.  Augustin has turned to drinking.  El Silencio recently made the family throw La Gata and Pablo an engagement party where they were suppose to apologize publicly due to the way they continuously humiliated La Gata.  Augustin, got drunk and humiliated her more at the party and was a disaster.  La Gata y El Silencio are furious.  Oh and he is secretly in love with Fela.  He knows her from the past although I'm still unclear as to how.

There is also Monica
who is Pablo's cousin and also his EX-fiance.   She's a good person although her mom and Mauriano fill her head with crazy stuff in hopes that she'll cause big enough problems that Pablo will take  her back and La Gata will be left open for Mauriano to swoop in.


Pablo and Mauriano's sister.  She is blind.  She is in love with Centavito, who is from the slum where La Gata lives.  He is a nice guy but of course her mom is about to go ballistic and has forbid her from seeing him!

I'm starting to think I have taken on more than I can chew with this novela.  There are story lines everywhere. There are other characters that I just can't get into right now.   Hubby, son and I are really into this novela although it does get a little corny at times.
For example,  how could so much miscommunication go on between Pablo and La Gata?  Could he not send her money for a cell phone to keep in touch?  I mean his family is rich!  Could he not send her money to go to an internet cafe so they could keep in touch via email?  How come La Gata's face was always sucia (dirty)?  Could she not splash some water on her face before she went to meet Pablo daily?  What about her braiding her hair?  Couldn't he buy her some shoes and a brush?
These were some of the questions we had which made us giggle.
I get it.  It's a novela.  At this point it doesn't matter.  We watched in the beginning because it was a bit humorous but well played Univision, you got us!  We are hooked!

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