Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad Blogger

Seems like I have been so busy.    I've been such a bad blogger lately.  I've got tons of blogs to catch up on and tons I want to blog about.

Where to start???

I knew my hubby would be home Friday.  Grandma was going to keep little man so we could have a date night.  I stopped by the salon on my way home from work and got a quick manicure and pedicure.  I picked a color I normally would not have.  Sabes que... The Mexican loved it!  Yay!!

 We had planned to do dinner and a movie.  We ended up just doing dinner due to no umbrella and getting soaked in a rainstorm!   Soon the clouds disappeared, but by this time we were back at home. We decided to have some

MARGARITAS!   Now that we are responsible adults with a child, we very rarely drink.  We had -i don't know- how many margaritas.  We had a conversation, it went something like this:

Me, "mmmm these are so good!"
Mexi, "yeh they are!"
Me, "who would have thought lime and tequila would go so well together."
Mexi, "yeh and making them frozen... Mmmm!"
Me, "yeh!  these frozen ones are so good!"
Mexi, " I wonder who invented these?"
Me, "I don't know, but I bet her name was Margarita!"

At this point we were laughing hysterically and decided maybe we had drank enough.    Are you wondering who invented the margarita?  Click here

So the next morning, we got up, I threw a flower in my hair,  
(Did I mention I've been sporting my flores!  In my hair, on my clothes...  The Mexican no longer thinks it's funny.  He's use to the addition I've added to my wardrobe.)
My hubby snapped this pic then we went to go pick up our son.
We decided to take my son out for breakfast.

Our son loves IHOP. (International House of Pancakes)
It was yummy!

We knew we had tons to do at home!  While the Mexican cut the lawn, I admired my roses!  They are blooming so beautifully!  I cut some to take in side and sit on the kitchen table.

The weather was gorgeous!  While my hubby cleaned up some areas where weeds were trying to take control, I admired the beautiful sky and soaked up some rays.

While the Mexican decided to clean out the garage, I made a new friend!  See this little guy?  He is apparently living on my front porch under my ferns.  I called my son over and we admired how he was camouflaging himself.    Finally I decided to go inside and finish some house work, because honestly I was not helping my husband at all.  I think I was slowing him down by constantly saying, 'hey look at this...."

We swam, I cooked, we watched the U.S.A. vs. Mexico soccer game.
Sunday we went to church, Chuck E. Cheese, and the mall.
Monday it was back to the normal grind.  So far it's been a busy week at work and home.  Here it is Thursday and I'm just getting a post up!  Now what to write for Spanish Friday?  

This bad blogger promises to do better.......


  1. Tara!!! Great pictures. *LOL* your son hiding behind the menu. : D Sometimes you just have to unplug. Absolutely. Happy to hear your voice, again. BTW, did you know that Walmart has a huge hair accessories section? I was in there with my mom a couple of weeks ago and the entire Goodies section was all flowers! And I'm not talking little itty-bitty flowers, either. Anyways, welcome back. p.s. that little lizard reminds me of a certain lizard in a post you recently wrote.

  2. I love the pictures. When I am on vacation, I should look for a flower to wear in my hair. It looks so cute on you.

  3. Ezzy,
    I went to WM the other day and looked in the hair accessories section and we didn't have any flowers! I was upset! I'm going to keep my eyes open in case the finally bring them to my part of the country! lol I did get myself a "hippie headband" when we went to the mall and it is AWESOME for holding your hair back.... and it's so cute!
    I know, the little lizard reminded me of the lizard on "Salsa" too.

    Greenga- Definitely wear ya some flowers chica. I think they look cute on anybody and puts a little flair in your style for the day! If u do, take pics!!

  4. I love all of the pictures! You look stunning with a flower in your hair. Your roses are gorgeous and I love your nail polish. Although, I feel that I should point out that particular hand gesture is considered super offensive in Mexico. Worse than flipping someone the bird. (I know you didn't mean it that way, so please don't be mad at me.)

  5. Leslie,
    oMG, are you serious??? I had no idea! Thanks for mentioning. I'd never be mad at you! I like to know these things..... which makes me wonder why my husband never mentioned it! I'm going to get him!