Monday, June 20, 2011

Mr. Popular

Guess what!  My Mexicano is gaining popularity in the neighborhood!!!
Something really sweet happened today. 

Let me give a little background 1st.  My neighbor to our left is my brother.  My neighbor to our right is an older couple.  The Mexican has helped the older gentleman out with different things.  I think he has repaired a place on his roof, helped him fix his lawn mower, and a couple of other things....  all out of the goodness of his heart.

I've always told my husband, one day your good deeds will bring you good karma!

Rising gas prices were really putting a strain on our budget several months back when The Mexican was driving his work van back and forth to Atlanta everyday.  Just so happens that our next door neighbor bought a new car and put his up for sale.  One day the neighbor and my hubby were talking and my hubby asked about the car for sale.  The neighbor sold it to him for practically NOTHING!  Que suerte, right!

So, today I was at work and I received this text from The Mexican.  "Llama este numero. Es el viejito.  El vecino me llamo pero no se que quiere.  No pude contestar.  A la mejor es emergencia, no se, call please!"  (Call this number, It's the old man.  The neighbor called me, but i do not know what he wants.  I couldn't answer.  Maybe it is an emergency, call please!")

I called. 
La viejita  answered.
I said, "Hi.  This is Tara your neighbor.  My husband said you tried to call him.  He is out of town working and wanted me to check and make sure everything is okay."   
La viejita- "Oh yes!  My husband has been so worried about El Mexicano.(I'm substituting my husband's real name, they do not call him "El Mexicano"....)  He has not seen him for weeks and he's been so worried.
El viejito picks up the other line and says, "yeh, where is El Mexicano??? 
(as if I had secretly murdered him and was hiding his body)
Me, "Oh , he is in Kentucky working"
El viejito, "That long?  I haven't seen him in a long time!"
(as if I was lieing and making his traveling up)
Me, "yes sir, he has been out of town for 3 weeks, but I'm expecting him back this week.  Is everything okay?"
La viejita, "Everything is fine.  We sure have missed him!"
Me, "I know, we have too."
El viejito, "Well just let El Mexicano know we were worried about him!  We wanted to make sure he is ok.  He's been so nice to us and we were afraid something was wrong or he had left for Mexico."
Me, "I will.  Thank you for checking on him.  I know that will make him feel good."

How about that????  Pretty cool I thought! 


  1. That is so awesome! How great that you have such concerned neighbors! :)

  2. I know Leslie! It made me feel good!

  3. What a great feeling to know that your neighbors are so caring and concerned, huh? Three weeks is a long time. : ( I hope he's home soon.

  4. BTW -- I LOVE this Girl Effect video clip. Every time I see it, I think of how important it is that we "pay attention." EMPOWERMENT, GUIDANCE, LOVE, DISCIPLINE. <3 Thank you for posting it. I'm going to, too, Amiga.

  5. That is too sweet I want neighbors like that!!!

  6. Ezzy, I'm a big Girl Effect girl! I made t-shirts and my son and I wear them around. The Mexican and my mom just about collapse everytime I go out in public like that, but whatever! My baby and I are all about empowering women!!! Add it amiga!

  7. Ruby,
    Thanks for commenting! We are very lucky to have such great neighbors (on both sides). Hope you are doing well amiga! Thanks for commenting!

  8. Wow! I can see why they'd be concerned, after the immigration law they passed recently in Georgia! I'm glad that they were concerned and I'm glad you're hubby will be home soon to give the neighbors their much needed attention. ;) Too cute!