Friday, June 17, 2011

Spanish Friday El Dia "E"

English Translation Below:

Hoy aprendi de El dia E, la fiesta de todos los que hablamos espanol.  Manana celebran El dia E, y claro que quiero particpar!

Visiten El Dia "E"  para aprender mas y votar para tu palabra favorita en espanol.



Quizas estas soprendida que escoji la palabra "plata." 
Hay muchas palabras en espanol que son bonitas.  Escoji plata solomente por una razon. 

Si lean mi blog, usetedes sepan que mi esposo se enoja cuando hablo de  plata. Para el plata es plata.  Para mi es chistoso , no ponerlo triste.  El se enoja y eso es divertida.  Para el significa dinero y siempre me mira con ojos grandes y como estoy loca pero estoy hablando de dinero no de plata.  Yo se que plata para los Colombianos es dinero y para los Mexicanos es plata.

English translation:
Today I learned about the Dia de "E" (Day of "E") A celebration for everyone who speaks Spanish.Tomorrow the celebration start and of course I want to participate.
Perhaps you are surprised I chose the word plata (silver).There are a lot of words in Spanish that are beautiful.  I chose plata (silver) for one reason only.
Video translation - "my  favorite word in Spanish is plata.  I learned this word from a Colombian friend.  I like to say plata to make my husband mad, but all in good fun"

If you read my blog you know that my husband gets mad when i talk about plata.  For him plata is silver.  For me it is funny, not to make him sad.  He gets mad and well, that's kids of fun for me. He always looks at me with these big eyes and like I'm crazy but I'm talking about money, not silver.  I know that plata for Colombians is money, (although slang i think)  and plata for Mexicans is silver.

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This was fun!  Never ever thought I'd make a VLOG!  I know it is a little dark, but my technichal
husband is out of town.  =(


  1. LOL!!! Too cute!

    Un Abrazo,

  2. Ha ha! I love it, amiga! I especially love that you use the word to make him mad. Sounds like something I would do. LOL :)

  3. LOL! Glad i'm not alone. I of course do it all in fun and jokingly. It's just so funny watching him get so worked up for a "word" but whatever, that's my Mexicano! =)

  4. I'm Venezuelan and plata is one of my favorite words too. Necesito plataaaaaaa!

  5. Mama Contemporanea,
    Thanks for commenting! Yes siempre necesitamos plata verdad!!!! =)

  6. Love your video!! Don't we always like to make them a little mad?! Y en buena onda ;)

  7. Que risa que dices la palabra nada más para enojar a tu marido y que, además, es tu favorita! jajaja!

  8. Yes in my Country Perú "Plata" is money too!!! lol I like this word too


  9. LOL - My (Salvadoran) husband gets mad when I use Mexican slang, so I relate to this! ;)

  10. ayyy seguro se enoja because he thinks you are asking him for PLATA, jajaj in my country plata means the same : money , I am from Bolivia :)

  11. Ay, Tara. Te gusta sacarle la gara a tu marido, no? *LOL* It's all in good fun. Como naci aquí, para mi, la plata es "plata." Silver. ; D Awesome to finally see and hear you! Y qué bueno qué encontraste tu gravadora. Ahora tenemos la fecha para el proximo año. No se nos olvida, verdad? Enjoy your weekend, amiga.

  12. Thanks for all the sweet comments. Thanks for filling me in on the other countries who use "plata" for money and thanks for understanding that I do it (make him a little mad) all in good fun!
    Whew! Felt like I just gave an ocar speach...hahaha
    I really do appreciate everyone visiting and commenting!
    Thanks amigas!

  13. Loved it! In Puerto Rico is the same as Mexico. We must have those words of endearments, right :)

  14. You know I've always known "plata" to mean both silver and money. It's an antiquated slang term, but one commonly heard in old Mexican movies of the Tintan and Cantinflas eras. It's still in use by some people though. I've heard "Chilangos" or those people from the "Distrito Federal" say it. More pervasive is "lana" which means both wool and money.