Friday, July 1, 2011

Spanish Friday

English translation below

El Lunes cuando llegue a la casa del trabajo tuve una sorpresa de mi querido mexicano.
El instalo mi nuevo micro!
Eso fue una sorpresa mucho mejor que su ultima sorpresa con el micro!
No sabes de la ultima sorpresa?  Presiona aqui -->  A Gift from my Mother

Monday when I came home from work I had a surprise from my dear Mexicano.
He installed my new microwave!  This was a much better surprise than his last microwave surprise.  Don't know about his last suprise?  Click here to read about it: A Gift from my Mother


  1. I'd say this is a definite improvement over what I just saw on your "A Gift" link. Nice micro. ; D

  2. Be careful with the tostadas. This one looks great--no melted plastic 8-P

  3. Ezzy,
    Thanks, i like it! It is simple and does the job!

    I do not think i'll have to worry about him leaving oil on the stove unattended anymore. =)

    Thanks for commenting!