Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I absolutely LOVE speaking in Spanglish! 

Yes, I know it can come across offensive to fluent Spanish speakers and I understand why.  The Spanish language is beautiful. I completely get  why some people would prefer you speak in either English or Spanish and not mix them all up. 

I usually throw in some Spanglish when I am at home or with close friends who speak Spanish.  I try to speak Spanish as proper as possible with non-English speakers.

I have actually learned a lot of 'spanglish' words from my husband.  Parquear, lonche, troca, etc  ( to park, lunch, truck). 

I invented a Spanglish word that I would like to share.
SCUTATE  pronounced scoot-a-tay
which means scoot over! (move over)

I remember the Mexican laughing every time I said 'scutate', but guess what.....  Now, when I say it, he scoots over!  My son knows what 'scutate' means.  It has even spread at work. 

I would love to hear other Spanglish words that you use a lot or one that you've made up yourself.


  1. Watchale is constantly used in the valley. Mothers tell their children to watch out.

  2. watchale! good one Rita! Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Ha ha ha! I love it...scutate! Reminds me of the Spanglish word my non-Spanish speaking BFF from High School invented: "Escucharacha". She pretty much used it for everything, but mostly as "Scoot out of the way!" :)

  4. Too funny Leslie! You know somethings are just easier to say in spanish. ie: duermate, hablame, etc.... don't you think scutate is much easier to say than, scoot over????
    Thanks for commenting.

  5. I love your Spanglish word! lo... My Spanglish Word or My Daugther's spanglish word is POR (por favor) + PLEASE =PORPLEASE, My daughter is very funny and make spanglish word everyday! LOL


  6. Yissele,
    I'm going to start incorporating porplease into conversations with my hubby. Great word!

  7. Scutate! *LOL* I think I'll be adopting that one into my Spanglish vocabulario. I hate to admit it, but I speak so much Spanglish that I don't know when I'm speaking it. Like the examples you cited above, I've use them all thinking all along they were proper "Spanish." Wooops!

  8. Ezzy,
    I'm guilty of it too. When I was thinking of which examples to give, I knew "parquear" was not the correct word for park. I finally had to look it up. The correct word is "estacionar."
    Please adopt scutate and help me spread my spanglish word.... LOL

  9. haha scutate is cute. Sometimes my fiance forgets words in english or confuses them- My favorite was when instead of a wrench he asked for a traunch.
    I thought it was so funny, now we just say traunch instead of wrench :)

  10. Too funny Nikol! Glad you stopped by and left a comment. Isn't it crazy how things just stick! You'll always know what he is talking about when he says "traunch"...... *very cute*