Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tampico Party

Today we had a Tampico Party! 
What do you do on a lazy afternoon with 3 rambunctious boys?
                                                                                                             Have a party!
 First we put on our Tampico sunglasses and got some energy out! 

They really worked up a thirst
Oh yeh!  Those are my little rockstars!
They had a lot of fun! 

Did you know that Tampico now has 20 oz. bottles? 
Que convenient!  Glad I picked some up and  let the boys have fun! 

Tampico is hosting a photo contest "Unique Like You" where you can totally trick-out your photos and possibly appear on Tampico's photo mosaic.  If you win the grand prize you receive a very cool Digital Rock Star Kit, which includes a laptop computer along with other really cool items.  Visit for more info.

We tried Tropical Punch (cherry, orange & pineapple) and  Mango Punch (mango, orange, & tangerine)  The kids liked Tropical punch the best.  My hubby and I liked Mango Punch!  Mmmm! 
I'm so glad we can pick these up in the 20 oz. bottles.  It makes it very convenient when your on the go and craving Tampico!

“TAMPICO® product samples were provided to me free of charge, courtesy of Tampico Beverages, Inc.”  


  1. Okay. I must be living under a rock, or on the East Coast. Never heard of Tampico. Is it carbonated? The pictures and video rock. You guys are so cute together. <3

  2. Ezzy,
    Thank you my sweet sweet amiga for commenting. Tampico is not carbonated. It is really good. Especially if you are craving something sweet! Glad you like the pics and video and new header! The Mexican helped me out on that one. Still some things I want to change.... but one thing at a time.