Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fernbank Museum

Our son has been begging us to take him back to Fernbank Museum of Natural History.  He is a huge dinosaur lover!  Fernbank Museum has a year round display of dinosaur fossils, replicas of dinos, and tons of info on dinosaurs.  A couple of weeks ago they had an exhibit about Wildlife Rescue.  I figured it was the perfect time to take him considering he is also a huge animal lover!

We learned some cool things!  Did you know that when baby Condors are rescued, they are hand fed with a puppet that looks like their mother?  They do this so the babies will not become familiar with humans and retain their wildness.

We also learned about building underground tunnels for animals in heavily trafficked areas..  This protects animals by having a safe place to cross the street.  Kids were able to put on turtle shells and go in the tunnel.  They experienced what it sounds like with traffic crossing above.

We were too busy learning about the exhibit to take a lot of pictures.  We learned how animals are cleaned after oil spills and the tests they must pass before being released back into the wild.

We looked at x-rays of  animal injuries and learned about animal surgeries.  We learned of ways we can help endangered animals and sooooo much more!   For example, did you know that I weigh as much as a teenage Panda bear!  I had no idea I'd leave with this info!  You learn something new everyday.

The exhibit was full of interesting information that we did not know.  It was just as fun for me as it was for my son!

After the exhibit, we watched an IMAX movie titled "Born to be Wild."  It was about two ladies who have dedicated their lives to rescuing orphaned oraguntans and elephants.


Whoo!  That was just a taste of our  "dino" experience.  Even the floors in Fernbank have fossils in them!

Fernbank also has a newly renovated kids area that was AWESOME!  I hate we went there last because  my son was having so much fun playing and learning in "Nature Quest."  We didn't get the chance to visit the additional 5 permanent exhibits.  With so much to learn we needed an extra day!  Luckily it is not too far away.  I'm sure we will be back soon.

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  1. How Fun! My kids would go crazy there with all the dinos. Your little man looks so cute with his turtle shell :) glad you guys enjoyed!

    1. Thanks Ruby. If you guys ever come to Atlanta, my son and I would be glad to take you guys there!

  2. Que fun, Amiga. Tanto que nos gustan Los dinosaurios.

    1. Now that I have a son, he is pulling me into little obsessions I would have never have had. I know more now about dinosaurs than I ever did. I'm glad though. I love learning new things. Especially through him. I'm a dinosaur expert now. haha!

  3. ... You guys would definitely enjoy DinoLand at Disney, although, I think your museum is way cooler and more EDUCATIONAL. I was thinking you might like reading CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR by Jean Auel. It's set during the Ice Age and is about an orphan Cromagnun little girl who's adopted by a clan of Neanderthals. The conflict in the story and intolerance mirror what we see today. Sorry to go off on a tangent! Great post, Amiga! <3

    1. Ezzy,
      You know you can go off on a tangent any time with me! Thanks so much for telling me about the book. I am going to look for it. It sounds like a great story.
      I've been dying to take our son to DinoLand! Just want to make sure he is #1 tall enough to ride the rides and #2 old enough to enjoy the whole Disney experience. His little heart would be broken if we got there and couldn't ride it.
      Thanks for commenting. I hope you guys are having a great time. Can't wait to see pics!