Friday, February 24, 2012

Un Millionario

I'm participating in Latinaish's Spanish Friday.  English translation is below.

Aunque dicen que las cosas mejores en la vida son gratis; quiero ser preperada en caso de emergencia y algun dia soy millonairo.  Aqui esta una lista de las cosas que haria.

  1. Pago todas las deudas de mi familia , de la familia de mi esposo, y compra todo lo que ellos  necesitan.
  2. Poner dinero en una cuenta especial para la educacion de todos nuestros primos/as.
  3. Invertir dinero para hacer dinero.
  4. Viajar por el mundo entero
  5. Ayudar a la gente en otro paises.
  6. Abrir casas de seguridad para las victimas de la trata de personas y crear un "task force" especial a la causa de la trata de personas.
  7. Comprar una casa en la playa.
  8. Contratrar un etrenador personal y un chef  para que toda mi familia estan mas saludables..
  9. Guardar un poco de buena.
  10. Volar todas mis amigas bloguera y las familia de ellos a una vacacion tropical para que nos encontramos y difrutamos la vida!
Que harias con un millon de dolares?  Aqui esta una cancion ayudarte pensar....
*Disculpa que no pude encontrar la version sin palabras malas*

English translation
Although they say the best things in life are free, I want to be prepared in case of an emergency and one day I'm a millionaire.  Here is a list of the things I would do.

  1. Pay off any of my family's and my husband's family's debt and buy them anything they need.
  2. Put money in an account for our niece and nephew's educations.
  3. Invest money to make money.
  4. Travel around the world.
  5. Help people in other countries.
  6. Open safe houses for human trafficking vicitms and create a special task force for the human trafficking cause.
  7. Buy a house on the beach.
  8. Hire a personal trainer and chef so that our family is healthier.
  9. Save a good bit.
  10. Fly all of my blogger friends and their families to a tropical vacation so that we can meet and enjoy life!
What would you do with a million dollars?  Here is a song to help you think......
*Sorry I could not find the version without curse words*


  1. I would love to meet you, so you winning the mega million jackpot is now going to be part of my nighttime prayers.

    1. Yes Jennifer, please pray!!!! I would love to meet you also!

  2. You have a heck of a list if you do become a millionaire.

    I would probably help a few and enjoy life with the rest.

    At least we know you are ready if it happens! LOL

    1. Oh yes! I am definitely ready! LOL

  3. I love your list!! Now, you just need to buy the ticket fo tonight if you haven't already done it! Buy one for me, too!!

    1. Stephanie! You are so right! How will I ever win if I never buy a ticket. Guess I need to follow your advice and go buy one! Of course I'll buy you one too!

  4. ¡Me encanta la lista! I especially like the way you had some fun/frivolous things and other really serious things. Thoughtful and entertaining! Ahora quiero hacer mi propia lista...

    1. Gracias Jennifer! I'm glad you liked my list. I'd love to read yours!

  5. Great list! If I were lucky enough to win $1M, I'd invest and dedicate a portion to scholarships for Latinas from low-income backgrounds.

    1. That is an awesome thing to do with 1 mill!

  6. LOL - I've made similar lists in my head. Hopefully some day we get to put them to use!