Sunday, July 29, 2012

Descagar Sonideras y Juegos Gratis

Hubby has a new hobby.  He's been making apps and a live 24 hour radio.  The games are cool but my favorite is the radio (sonideras to be exact).  When hubby is out of town I'll click on his radio/app link and it's like he is here!

Which brings up a certain topic I wanted to cover.  I remember when hubby and I use to go to Atlanta Peach (a Latin nightclub).  I never understood why the DJ talked CONSTANTLY!  When I say constantly, I mean constantly.  Saludando la gente, sending shout outs, etc.  I never really got this, but whatever...  Can anyone explain to me why this is.  It use to get on my nerves because it was like I was fighting with the DJ in order to hear the music.  I've gotten more use to it over the years, but would love to hear the explanation.... if there is one.

If you like video games or musica, check these out.  It's free.  I asked hubby to share his links with me so if anyone out there wants to enjoy these free games or music they can.

*side note*  I also added hubby's radio station to my page.  You can find the link anytime by looking on the left side of my blog.  If you're ever in the mood to listen to his radio, just look for "The Mexican's Live Radio."  Check back often.  You never know if he'll have on Bachata (my favorite), Sonidera, Rancheras, etc...

game 1 and 2

game 3 and 4
las radios



  1. Aww the Atlanta Peach! How I miss that place! I have so many memories form there! Most are good, but some are bad, but wht do you expect from a former party animal!!!???

    I have no idea why they constantly talk, it got on my nerves too. I was like just shut the hell up and let the music play!! LOL

  2. musica de Mexico!!!