Thursday, June 21, 2012

Embarrassing Times

I owe everyone a Throwback Thursday post, so here ya go!  Not only is this a major throwback but one of the most embarrassing moments of my life!

Does anyone out there remember webtv?  Well, before everyone was running around with I-phones and I-pads, way before everyone had a lap top, a computer at home and even Google;  there was webtv.  This was the closest I could come to an Internet connection way back in the day.

Basically you hooked it up to your tv and I think the phone jack. The tv was your monitor. I used it to learn about the web and for email.  There was no hard drive (at least that I know of), no router, no CD drive, no floppy disc drive, NADA.  So if I wanted to include a picture in my email I had to hook up my camcorder and freeze the image. (Amazing how far things have come!)

My parents lived in a different state at the time.  One day hubby and I decided we'd send my parents a picture of ourselves.  We hooked up the camcorder, zoomed in on our faces, freezed the image, and clicked send.  

Skip a couple days ahead.  Camcorder is still hooked up to the webtv.   Everyone who knows me, knows I love to joke around.  One morning I saw the perfect opportunity.  As hubby was sleeping in bed (in only his tighty whiteys!) I decided to turn on the tv and camcorder, zoom in on him from waist down, and freeze the image.  I left it on the tv screen so he could see his photo when he woke up.  I went downstairs and started making breakfast.  

Later that morning, hubby came downstairs laughing at my little surprise I left him.

That evening I checked my email.  Someone had sent me a funny joke.  I forwarded it to my parents and to a friend of mine.

A couple of hours later the phone rang.

Me- "Hello?"
Mom- "Hey, I just got your email."
Me- "That was funny, right."
Mom- "Well, I guess if you think pictures of men in their underwear are funny."
OMG! Did I send her that picture of hubby in his undies???!!! (and I started freaking out slightly)
Me- "What?"
Mom- "Yeh, I just got the underwear picture of (insert hubby's name here) and don't even tell me it's not him because I recognize your comforter!"
Ay dios mio!  How in the heck did that happen!
I started apologizing profusely then I remembered....
OMG!  I forwarded that to my friend also!

I dialed her number.

Me- "Erica!"
Erica- "Hey."
Me- "Have you checked your email today?"
Erica- "No, why?  Do I need to?"
Me- "No!  Someone sent me a virus.  It has infected my webtv.  If you get any emails from me, IMMEDIATELY delete them!  Don't open it.  It will infect your webtv!"
Erica- "Oh, ok, thanks for letting me know."

Yes!  I dodged that one!  (as I wiped my forehead)

Now, how am I going to tell hubby that my mom has seen him in his underwear?

Luckily I think my mom has forgotten about the whole incident.  Hubby and I still laugh about this moment today.    

Does anyone remember webtv?  Feel free to share an embarrassing moment with me.... so I don't feel so alone ;)


  1. Tara! *lol* Good thing you didn't have a group email. I would've been freaking out, too. I don't remember webTV, but, yes, things have changed a ton in a short period of time. Devices seem to get smaller and smaller and more sophisticated. I'd like to find one of those transporter watch thingies that the old cast of Star Trek wore around their wrists. You just gave me an idea for Tgrowback Thursday. :-)

    1. Ezzy,
      OMG! A group e-mail would have been horrific! Technology is crazy! I love all these little gadgets we have to play with these days.
      Thanks for commenting amiga.
      Can you believe hubby agreed to letting me post this story?!?
      Can't wait to see your next Throwback Thursday post.

  2. Oh Tara, when you think about it, it really could have been a whole lot worse. Imagine the underwear was absent, oh dear. Hilarious post. Keep up the good work

    1. You are sooooo right! It could have been a lot worse. Glad it wasn't though. Not sure how I would have explained that one.
      Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I've heard of webTV, but never seen it. I would freak too! The story you told your friend about the virus was a good one. Great save! I let out of big laugh when I read this. Good thing he wasn't nekkid. :D

    Thanks for the laugh!