Sunday, July 17, 2011


Ok Tracy from posted a cute game and I so wanted to participate.  Luckily she tagged me.... and you!  So, here it goes....

The rules are to share a blog post in each of the following seven categories:

#1 Most Beautiful Post
Open Heart and an Open Mind  
How learning a different language has changed my life, opened my heart and mind in ways I never would have expected.

#2 Most Popular Post
There must be a lot of novela watching peeps out there.  There are few comments, but this post has blown my other posts out of the water!

#3 Most Controversial Post
I Refuse to be Quiet 
Why is it so Bad to be Mexican? 
I couldn't decide between the two, so you can be the judge.  Either way, when it comes to prejudices, racism, ignorance, and in any way affects or involves my family.....  I will be voicing my opinion!

#4 Most Helpful Post
Mexican Candy 
Not teaching you how to make Mexican candy........ you'll find what to expect while eating Mexican candy though!   

#5 A Post Whose Success Surprised Me
Spanish Friday Mi Semana 
Not sure why this has received so many views....  nothing too exciting going on in this post.

#6 A Post that Didn’t Get the Attention I Felt It Deserved
A good dose of Karma to put me in my place.....

#7  Post I'm Most Proud Of
Spanish Friday Drama 
I'm not really proud of the content, more so of  me posting this long ass post in SPANISH!  If memory serves me correctly I had my dictionary and verb tense book right by my side.  Then I translated  it all into English.  Whew!  I've learned to make my Spanish Friday posts a little shorter from now on.

Now to tag 7 people:
  1. Ezzy from EzzyLanguzzi Blogspot
  2. La Cabrona
  3. Leslie from Motherhood in Mexico
  4. Chantilly from Bicultural Mom
  5. Greenga Girl
  6. Ruby from Growing up Blackxican
  7. and anyone else who wants to participate.....  I need more than 7 spots because I'd love to read everyones!
(If you do choose to participate, please leave your link below in comments.  Thanks)


  1. Tara, gracias for thinking of me! Tengo que pensar para este ejercicio. I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on for this one, amiga. I feel so blessed to have met all you guys. <3

  2. Read most of these posts but went and gave comment love to "karma" --- hilarious!

    Glad you played the "siete" game. I added your link on my post!


    Thanks for tagging me!

  4. Hey Tara! Via Sarah at Greenga Girl, I participated in your cute little game!

    And, thanks for continuing to read my blog! I love all your comments!

    Here is a link to my Seven:

  5. Tracy,
    Thanks for sending some love on my Karma post! I enjoyed playing the "siete" game!

    I hope you get a chance to participate! I hope you know I feel equally as fortunate to have met you and all of my fellow blogging amigas! How awesome would it be for us all to get together one day...

    Can't wait to read your siete!

    Do you know I almost tagged you! Seriously! I was worried you might think "why in the heck is she tagging me, I don't know her THAT good..." LOL So glad you decided to participate!!

  6. Tara, here's the link to my post! Thank you, again ; )

  7. Thanks for participating Ezzy! Can't wait to go check yours out!